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 Origin of Save A Family Plan Save A Family Plan (SAFP) is an international development organization and a registered charity in Canada, United States of America and India. It is a non-governmental voluntary organization with a vision of ‘partnering with the poor for a just world’. Msgr.Augustine Kandathil, a priest from the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Agamaly, […]


SAVE A FAMILY PLAN-INDIA Partnering with the Poor for a Just World SAFP ANUGRAHA SAVE A FAMILY PLAN (SAFP) is a voluntary organization dedicated to the development and empowerment of the marginalized, irrespective of their caste, religion, gender or political affiliations. It was founded in Canada in 1965 by Msgr. Augustine Kandathil, a priest of […]

SAFP Anugraha

SAFP is addressing the poverty issues to some extent in India since 1965 by supporting thousands of poor families through its Family and Community Development programs. Major portion of our resources are contributed by individuals and institutions from Canada, USA and European countries. You know that we can’t depend that resource for a long period […]

SAFP Programs


Save A Family Plan is working towards the empowerment of the poor regardless of caste, creed, or political affiliation. It is facilitating the implementation of a number of developmental programs for the participating families and individuals to become self-supportive and to increase the productivity of the poor and the marginalized. It has since grown to a great endeavor reaching out to over 72 partner NGOs, 53000 community groups with a population of 20,000,00 families. Since its inception in 1965, SAFP has been assisting poor families through its Family Development Program and later through Community Development Programs.

Projects of safp

  • Disaster Management

    Gujarat Earthquake An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on Richter scale occurred in the morning of January 26,2001 in Rann of Kutch area of Gujarat. The epicenter parameters of the earthquake are as follows: Devastating Earthquake of January 26 2001 Severity One of the worst to have occurred in the country during the last 180 years […]

  • Gender

    Save A Family Plan and Gender Mainstreaming Introduction The Indian Constitution adopted in 1950, in its preamble of fundamental rights and directive principles, not only provides equal rights and privileges for women and men, but also makes special provisions for women. A series of laws have been enacted and national and state five-year plans have […]

  • Housing

    SAFP Housing Programme From 1970, SAFP has been heavily involved in the housing programme.  Msgr. Gus, the founder of SAFP, promoted housing on a large scale for the following obvious reasons: It is a valuable asset for the poor family; It provides better health and safety for the family members; It responds to poor people’s […]

  • Child Labor

    Child Labor Eradication. It is estimated that all over the world, there exist approximately 35 crores of child laborers. As per the census in 2001 in India, the government statistics reports it as one crore. But in reality it is 10 crore. In UP statistics, it is 17 lakhs and in MP 13 lakhs. But […]

  • Health

    Improving Health Status of Communities.  This mainly implemented in partnership with 23 NGOs from Karnataka (5 NGOs), Tamilnadu (8 NGOs), Andhra Pradesh (1 NGO), Maharashtra (1 NGO), Madhya Pradesh  (3 NGOs), Chattisgrah (1 NGO), Orissa (1 NGO) and Kerala (3 NGOs). Since the health development indicators are high in Kerala compared with the other Indian […]